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Gymboree Credit CardThe Gymboree Credit Card will sound tempting to many parents. There is no denying that the clothing sold at Gymboree are items that any child will love. They are well made and beautiful, which makes them very appealing. The problem is, it can get a little expensive shopping there.

If you love Gymboree, why not save a bit of money when you shop there by taking advantage of the Gymboree Visa Platinum Card? This card offers a 5% discount on every purchase you make in the store, allowing you to save a little every time you make a purchase. Compare other credit card offers today!

In addition, Gymboree card holders will benefit from special sales and discounts throughout the year that won’t be available to other shoppers. This, along with sales and coupons can ensure that you pay much less for clothes from Gymboree.

Gymboree Credit Card Rewards Overview

As mentioned above, there is a 5% discount for your total purchase when you shop at Gymboree. This discount is applied at the store at the time of your purchase. The exception is that Gymboree Play & Music, Crazy 8 and Janie and Jack purchases are not eligible for the 5% discount.

All other purchases made on your Gymboree retail credit card will qualify for a 1% reward. This reward is provided to you in the form of a Gymboree gift card. You will have to accrue a total of $10 in rewards to qualify for the gift card. The catch here is that your reward credit card points do not roll over each month, which means if you don’t earn $10 in rewards, then you lose all of your reward points.

Gymboree Credit Card Benefits

  • $0 annual fee
  • 12.99% to 19.99% APR depending on credit worthiness
  • Discount for Gymboree purchases
  • No penalty fees for missed, late or bounced payments
  • $10 Gymboree gift card after first qualifying purchase
  • Special Gymboree bonuses throughout the year

Things to Consider Before Applying for the Gymboree Credit Card

The Gymboree Credit Card isn’t for everyone. You must have good to excellent credit to qualify. What’s more, the rewards program is very limited and if you don’t love Gymboree, you will lose more than you gain from using this card.

With points expiring each month if they don’t accrue high enough, the 1% gift card rebate program simply isn’t good enough.

If this isn’t the card for you, compare retail credit cards and other reward credit card offers now!

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One Cardholder Review for the “Gymboree Credit Card”

  1. GymboMama says:
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    The Gymboree Visa card sounds great but the bank that issues the card is NOT!!!!! Many find US Bank to be the worst (including employees of the stores that use their services). There are thousands of people that have had to file for bankruptcy with the way the economy has been and continues to go downward but if you’ve filed for bankruptcy, US Bank won’t approve you for a Gymboree Visa. Other banks are perfectly aware of the economic crises and don’t mind approving people for unsecured credit cards in order to repair their credit. Do NOT waste your time with US Bank if you’ve ever filed for bankruptcy.

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