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National discount tool supplier, Harbor Freight Tools, at one time offered a MasterCard good for purchases at their stores, their website, and everywhere else MasterCard is accepted. It was designed as a vehicle to encourage customer loyalty. The card has since been discontinued for new applications, and information about existing accounts is hard to come by.

Current accounts are managed through a third-party web site called Juniper.com. It appears as though Barclays Bank Delaware was the original issuer of the card, and Juniper is part of the Barclays Group, but whether or not Juniper operates as a separate entity is not clear. The Harbor Freight Tools website lists MasterCard as a payment option but makes no mention of accepting their own card. Compare other credit card offers now!

Recent reports and reviews around the internet have raised speculation that Harbor Freight Tools may be on shaky ground. While this can not be confirmed, current account holders may want to keep a sharp eye out.

Harbor Freight Tools Credit Card Rewards Program

The rewards credit card program was administered by Barclays and rewarded card holders with two points for every dollar spent on Harbor Freight Tools merchandise; one point was earned for all other purchases. A 1,000 point bonus was given upon account activation and first purchase. Points were redeemable for Harbor Freight Tools gift cards, at a rate of $25 per 2,500 points. Reward points could be subtracted from any account 60 days or more in arrears.

Harbor Freight Tools Credit Card Rates

In a rather unusual arrangement, the Harbor Freight Tools MasterCard did not offer an introductory rate on purchases, but it did offer 0% on balance transfers and cash advances for the first six billing cycles. Standard rates were between 10.24% and 17.24%.

A default rate as high as 27.24% could be charged, and would be triggered if the customer made a late payment, exceeded his credit limit, failed to pay the minimum amount due, or had his payment not honored by his bank. Barclay’s reserved the right to adjust the default interest rate at a later date. The card carried a minimum monthly finance fee of $1 for everyone except Iowa residents, whose minimum was $.50. Get and compare other credit card offers now!

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