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Harleysville National Bank Credit CardHarleysville National Bank used to offer a multitude of credit cards. However, very recently Harleysville National Bank was sold to First Niagara Bank. If you came here looking for a Harleysville National Bank credit card review, you will get a glimpse of what was offered in the past. You will also see other options available with First Niagara Bank. You can compare credit card offers for many banks now!

Located in Pennsylvania, Harleysville National Bank was unable to pay back its borrowed funds to the federal government. As a result the bank was sold to First Niagara in 2009 for more than $235 million dollars. First Niagara Bank is headquartered in Buffalo but now, with this acquisition, has close to 150 Pennsylvania locations.

Past Credit Cards Offered by Harleysville National Bank

When Harleysville was still functioning as itself, it maintained standard banking functions as well as standard credit cards. Offering more than 7 Visa cards to businesses or consumers at one time, options included a range of annual fees and interest rates as well as various rewards opportunities.

Past Harleysville National Bank Credit Cards for Business

Business owners had the option of choosing from three different Visa business credit cards. The Business Travel credit card was the only one with an annual fee ($50) and had a variable APR of 7.24%. The other two business rewards cards had the same interest rates but without the annual fee. Each card offered different rewards to accommodate different needs of the business owner.

Past Harleysville National Bank Credit Cards for Personal Use

Consumers had three choices of Harleysville National Bank credit cards. Two of the cards had a 7.24% variable APR and did not charge an annual fee. The third card offered was a secured credit card so, it cost $35 per year and carried an 18.24% variable APR.

College students were also able to get student credit cards from Harleysville National Bank. With no annual fee and an interest rate of 9.24% variable, this may have been a tempting choice for many college students.

Now that Harleysville National Bank is closed and has been taken over by First Niagara Bank, there are no more credit cards being offered from these establishments. Instead, First Niagara Bank offers traditional banking products and services such as personal checking and savings account, business accounts, commercial accounts, and investment services. Compare credit card offers from other banks now!

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