Harvard Alumni Association Credit Card

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Harvard Alumni Association Credit CardThe Harvard Alumni Association credit card has not been in existence as long as the actual association. With roots embedded as far back as 1840, the Harvard Alumni Association was formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts to assist students and staff of Harvard University. The Harvard Alumni Association credit card supports the university while rewarding the cardholder. Compare this with other credit card offers!

With three different images of Harvard World MasterCard credit cards available, the red card seems to be a favorite. Crimson is the school color and is utilized throughout various programs and events in the university.

While everyone of legal age is eligible to apply for the World MasterCard, it is possible your application will be denied. If that is the case, you may receive the Platinum MasterCard instead.

Harvard Alumni Association Rewards Program

As soon as you use your Harvard World MasterCard credit card, you will receive 5,000 bonus points. Then as you continue to use your card, you will continue to earn 1 point for every $1 that is spent using the card for a purchase. Purchases can be either goods or services.

When used as a cash back credit card or rewards credit card, points can be redeemed for cash back as well as for merchandise or travel. You can also use your points to conveniently pay for your dues if you are a Harvard Club member.

Harvard Alumni Association Credit Card Fees

This is not a student credit card; it is an affinity reward card for alumni. Unlike some reward cards, the Harvard Alumni Association credit card does not come with an annual fee. It comes with a variable 7.24% APR and also offers a 0% introductory rate for balance transfers that are made within the first six billing cycles.

If you are late on a payment or go over your credit limit, your APR could increase to a 30.24% variable rate. This is a substantial penalty that can last from six months all the way up to the lifetime of the account.

Presidential Scholars Fund Benefited by the Harvard Alumni Association Credit Card

The Presidential Scholars Fund is a program implemented at Harvard University to further encourage excellence in education. It is used to fund the education of aspiring scholars in a vast array of studies, from teaching to medical science. The program is funded by grants, fundraisers, and proceeds from the Harvard World MasterCard.

Whether you are an alumni from Harvard or not, using the Harvard Alumni Association credit card benefits you with rewards while benefitting the University with scholarship donations. Compare this with other school credit card offers today!

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