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HAS Advantage Credit CardThe HAS Advantage credit card is offered by Heritage Affinity Services (HAS). The HAS Advantage credit card rewards the cardholder at the same time as supporting charities in Israel.

Everything from education to medical care can be benefitted by the use of the HAS Advantage credit card. With three Visa credit cards to choose from, HAS makes it easy to show your support for Israel.

The Signature card, the Platinum card and the College card will all be reviewed below. Each card has its own set of unique features so that you can choose the reward credit card option that is most in line with your goals. No matter which card you choose, you have your choice of three designs, including ones with symbols or pictures to depict Israel.

The HAS Advantage Platinum Credit Card

There is no annual fee for the Platinum HAS Advantage credit card. You can earn travel credit card points or you can redeem your points for gift cards or merchandise. As an added benefit, you can redeem you points with Judaica and receive books, music, or other Judaic items.

The HAS Advantage Signature Credit Card

The Signature HAS Advantage Credit Card does not have an annual fee nor does it have a pre-set spending limit. It receives the same benefits as the Platinum card and also has additional features, such as 24-hour concierge service and VIP event access.

You get global travel benefits and travel and emergency assistance. Additionally, you receive auto rental insurance, travel accident insurance, lost luggage insurance, and roadside assistance.

The HAS Advantage College Credit Card

If you are in college and need your first credit card, the HAS Advantage College credit card can start you out with a limit of up to $1,000 with no annual fee. You can earn rewards for travel, gift cards, or merchandise. As an added benefit, cardholders of this student credit card receive an Israel discount book that is honored at more than 150 merchants and restaurants in Israel.

Regardless of which credit card you use, every time you use your HAS Advantage Credit Card you support various charities in Israel. There are 24 charities to choose from, and you can select up to five that you would like to support. Compare the HAS Advantage Credit Card benefits with other online credit card offers today!

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