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Hawaiian Airlines Credit CardIf you travel on Hawaiian Airlines, then you may want to consider getting a Hawaiian Airlines credit card. This article will review the various Hawaiian Airlines travel credit cards that are available. You can compare this with other credit card offers!

The Hawaiian Airlines personal use cards are unique reward credit cards. In addition to earning Hawaiian Miles, you also have the flexibility of sharing your miles with family members and friends.

The Hawaiian Airlines Classic Credit Card

The Classic credit card is the most basic rewards card offered by Hawaiian Airlines. You receive 5,000 points with your first purchase and then you earn 1 mile for every qualifying purchase dollar spent.

If you use your travel credit card to purchase airline tickets from Hawaiian Airlines then you earn 2 miles. You can earn even more reward miles by shopping with the Hawaiian Miles partner network.

The Hawaiian Airlines Platinum Credit Card

Similar to the Classic credit card, the Platinum credit card offers the same rewards earning program. However, with this card you double your bonus miles with your first purchase and also receive 1,000 bonus miles every year for your anniversary.

The Hawaiian Airlines Signature Credit Card

As a Signature Hawaiian Airlines credit card holder, you enjoy the maximum amount of benefits. Your first qualifying purchase earns you 20,000 bonus miles and you also receive 2,000 bonus miles every year for your anniversary.

The reward earning program is the same as the other two Visa cards from Hawaiian Airlines, but the Signature card does not have an annual maximum cap. You can earn unlimited rewards with this credit card.

All three of the personal Visa credit cards offered by Hawaiian Airlines allow you the flexibility to share your miles. This means if you have one of these travel credit cards and a family member or friend has one, you can share the miles with each other.

Businesses can also benefit from the Hawaiian Airlines Visa Business Card. You can earn 10,000 bonus miles with your first purchase and receive 2,000 bonus miles every year on your anniversary. The rewards earning program is the same and there is no maximum cap for business credit card holders. However, businesses are not allowed to share the rewards.

Whether you are a resident or not, if you travel on Hawaiian Airlines, then this credit card makes earning miles easy; and being able to share them is an added bonus. Compare this with other travel credit card offers before making a decision!

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