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HealthyBack Credit CardHealthyBack credit cards can be used in any HealthyBack stores, be it brick and mortar or online. In addition to applying for a HealthyBack credit card you can also purchase HealthyBack gift cards.

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The HealthyBack store sells a variety of products that are geared to help you improve your back, such as with ergonomic chairs and foam top mattresses. Brand names include Herman Miller and Tempur-Pedic that can all be purchased with a HealthyBack credit card.

The products sold by HealthyBack offer solutions for a variety of issues other than lower back and upper back problems. You can also find products for arthritis, herniated disc, neck pain, and sciatica.

The Benefits of a HealthyBack Credit Card

With a HealthyBack credit card you can have low payments without having to pay an annual fee. If you are able to pay off your credit card early, there are no pre-payment penalties.

There are many promotional offers to entice customers to use the HealthyBack retail credit card. The different offers may allow you to buy products you want at a reduced rate or with a deferred payment option.

Using your HealthyBack Credit Card for Promotional Purchases

Promotional purchases vary by store, but can include 0% interest for a limited time or deferred payments. When you make the purchase, be sure you understand what your promotional terms and conditions are so that you maximize your benefit without having to pay a penalty.

For example, if you make a purchase with a 90 day deferred payment promotional, then you do not have to make a payment for 90 days. However, once those 90 days are over, you need to either pay your purchase balance in full or start making payments on it with interest.

The interest rate is currently 9.99%. However, if you do not pay your balance in full by the end of the promotional period, your account will be charged with interest dating back to the day of the purchase.

Products You Can Buy With a HealthyBack Credit Card

Products available at HealthyBack include mattresses, pillows, desk chairs, massage chairs, and various massagers. You can also buy travel accessories to take your comfort on the road with you.

If you have back problems or want to avoid them, using a HealthyBack credit card can help you afford the products you need. Compare this and reward credit cards, retail credit cards and more traditional credit card offers now!

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