Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card

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Helzberg Diamonds Credit CardThe Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card is a store credit card, specifically for use on purchases in that store only. It is a card that most people will use very infrequently.

Making the decision to take out a store credit card is a big one. Such cards can be the downfall of your credit or they can provide you with great savings and convenience, depending on how you use them. Their high interest rates necessitate speedy repayment or you will end up paying much more for your purchases than you should have.

Take the time to compare any credit card, including store cards like the Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card, before you take it out. The comparison tool can help compare multiple online credit card offers before making a decision.

Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card Terms

The Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card charges a hefty 24.9% standard APR on purchases. However, this is the norm for retail credit cards. There is also a higher penalty APR. The only favorable terms for this credit card are the special financing offers. Be sure that your purchase is eligible for these terms, before using the Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card.

Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card Advantages

By taking out a Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card, you get the advantage of special offers that are made only to cardholders. The company also offers you free shipping on your purchases. Revolving credit with the Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card is more convenient than financing individual purchases.

Financing offers are very advantageous for promotional purchases. Even small purchases have no interest for 10 months if the account is paid in full in that time period. Purchases of over $749 have more than a year interest free to pay. If you buy something major costing over $4999, you have 18 months to pay. If you are looking to make a big purchase at Helzberg Diamonds and need to have the payment deferred, this is a great way to do it; just be sure to pay it before the time elapses.

Check Out the Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card Now

Before you opt for the Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card, be sure to compare it carefully with other credit card offers using the credit card comparison tool.

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One Cardholder Review for the “Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card”

  1. Dustin J says:
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    The corporate company is way shady. I bought my wedding rings here on 4/20/2010, kept my receipt, and paid the final bill on 4/17/2011, they tried to charge me 225 in interest, and after I faxed in a copy of my hard copy, they are telling me (after I called back 10 days later, getting no response) that I need to continue to pay my minimum balance until they have investigated the dispute.

    The dispute is apparently going to take 2-3 months…to look at a piece of paper. Apparently they have so many disputes piling up that it takes 2-3 months to get to a new one.

    I bought the lifetime care plan for my rings, I can’t wait for something to go wrong with that, because I am sure it will be the same shady practices.

    At the very least, avoid a credit plan or lifetime care plan.

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