Hills Bank and Trust Company Visa Business Credit Card

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Hills Bank and Trust Company Visa Business Credit CardThe Hills Bank and Trust Company Visa Business credit card is specifically designed for small businesses. Hills Bank and Trust Company, or HBTC, is a community bank in Iowa.

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Small businesses have unique needs. So Hills Bank and Trust designed its card to meet small business credit card needs, no matter what line of work is involved.

HBTC Visa Credit Card for Business Needs

For example, as the business owner, you can decide which of your employees receives a card on the account. Each card can then have the employee’s name as well as a unique card number. This makes accountability much easier, since it’s immediately obvious who made purchases on your account.

You can also change the terms of the individual employee’s access. If you want one employee to be able to get cash from the card but not another, you can set that up. Or the business credit card can have different credit limits designated for different employees.

Hills Bank and Trust also makes bill paying easy. You can set up automatic payments from any checking or savings account with HBTC, go to any banking location, or make the payments anytime from anywhere online. You can also view your account information at the same website.

HBTC Visa Business Credit Card Information

Hills Bank and Trust offers a competitive variable interest rate. The rate will vary not only with the national prime rate, but also depending on the credit score of either the business or business owner.

It is very important to shop around and know exactly how a bank determines your rate and how often they will adjust it, since business credit cards are not included in the recent law that limits rate hikes on personal credit cards. For more information about this, read Inc.’s article “Small Businesses Smacked with Credit Card Rate Hikes.”

The minimum payment on the HBTC Business Visa is either 10% of the account balance or $25 if the balance is less than $250.

The Hills Bank and Trust Visa Business card is part of the Visa credit card network, which means it is accepted more places than any other credit card. You can also get cash advances on the card at any time from any of the Cirrus ATMs.

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