Hills Bank and Trust Company Visa Gold Credit Card

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Hills Bank and Trust Company Visa Gold Credit CardThe Hills Bank and Trust Company Visa Gold credit card was once the premier card offered by this Iowa community bank. It has since been replaced by the Visa Platinum Rewards card.

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While the Hills Bank and Trust Company, or HBTC, Visa Gold is no longer being offered to new applicants, those who already had one in their wallets before the switch may still continue using the card. New cardholders will receive the HBTC Visa Platinum Rewards card.

HBTC Visa Gold Replacement Card Information

The HBTC Visa Platinum Rewards card has a $15 credit card annual fee. The APR ranges from 10.25% to 14.25%. Your exact rate will vary based upon your income, personal debt total, and credit score. The credit card’s cash advance rate is 14.25% for everyone.

The Visa Platinum Rewards card participates in the ScoreCard Rewards program. Every time you purchase something with your Visa Platinum card, you’ll be earning credit card reward points with the program. You can then redeem the points for items in the catalog: everything from gift cards, electronics, and even travel.

Of course, you’ll also have the service of a community bank. You can make payments, ask questions, or get information from live people at any Hills Bank and Trust branch. Information is also available online.

Hills Bank Visa Platinum Credit CardPerks

While debit cards are very popular right now, the SmartMoney article on “Credit Cards: Santas with a Magnetic Strip” says that, for some purchases, premium cards are best because of their increased fraud protection and the added perks of the card. For instance, the Visa Platinum Rewards card from HBTC increases the manufacturer’s warranty on items purchased on the card.

Paying for travel with this card will provide you with still more benefits at no additional cost. It will cover collision damage for rental cars and provide luggage insurance. You can use the toll-free reservation service and emergency travel assistance. Your card will even garner discounts for eyewear and pharmacy purchases.

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