Hills Bank and Trust Company VisaOne Commercial Credit Card

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Hills Bank and Trust Company VisaOne Commercial Credit CardWith the Hills Bank and Trust Company VisaOne Commercial credit card, you’ll have more control over your business finances. Hills Bank and Trust is a community bank in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids areas of Iowa.

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Not all businesses are the same or have the same needs. Hills Bank and Trust Company, or HBTC, offers small business credit cards and those for larger companies too. The VisaOne Commercial credit card is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Hills Bank and Trust Commercial Credit Card Needs

Unlike some business credit cards that are intended primarily to pay for fuel for company vehicles, the HBTC VisaOne Commercial credit card can be used for almost anything your company needs to purchase. This includes office supplies, travel expenses, or even entertainment.

The HBTC VisaOne also allows you flexibility with the billing and payment options. You can set up a due date that works the best for your company. You can also set up payments from your checking or savings account, pay in person at any branch, or pay online. The online access not only allows you to see your account information, but also to track expenditures and manage your business.

HBTC VisaOne Protects against Fraud

Employee fraud is a big problem for all businesses, but especially for smaller ones, which usually have fewer assets available to take note of discrepancies, reports Inc. in its article “How to Protect Your Business Against Fraud.” This report says that more than half of all businesses have experienced fraud in the last year, with over 75% of these cases being committed by employees.

Because of the nature of many businesses, it is often necessary for employees to have a company credit card for your business. However, the HBTC VisaOne Commercial card helps business owners detect and prevent credit card fraud more easily. The electronic transaction audit feature allows you to track spending and detect misuse of the company’s credit card. The enhanced data reports will also allow you to better manage strategic sourcing.

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