Hills Bank and Trust Company VisaOne Purchasing Card

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Hills Bank and Trust Company VisaOne Purchasing CardSometimes as a business owner, you do not want to rely on a traditional credit card to make valuable and necessary purchases. With high interest rates, annual fees, and the ability to use the card to make other, smaller purchases, a regular card can quickly run up a large credit card balance.

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An alternative to using a credit card is the Hills Bank and Trust Company VisaOne Purchasing Card. This card allows you to make large purchases without the red tape and excess paperwork that usually surrounds a purchase order.

The Benefits of Using the Hills Bank VisaOne Purchasing Card

In addition to reduced paperwork, the Hills Bank and Trust Company VisaOne Purchasing Card allows businesses to customize the usage and reporting structure of the card. The card can have specific spending limits, including restrictions on the purchase size of certain items, and also limits the amount of money that certain employees can spend.

The Hills Bank and Trust VisaOne Purchasing Card also provides an automatic and easily tracked audit trail, allowing companies to monitor and discover any card misuse or credit card fraud.

Although not extremely popular over the last several years, it seems as if purchasing cards are becoming more prevalent in both the government and the private sector. In fact, according to Government Product News’ “Increased use of purchasing cards in government likely in 2012″, the use of these cards is expected to increase drastically this year.

Applying for and Managing a Hills Bank and Trust VisaOne Purchasing Card

In order to receive a Hills Bank VisaOne Purchasing Card, you must apply in person inside one of the ten branches located in and around Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There is no restriction on the type of business that can apply for the purchasing card, but there are still several qualifications that need to be met before the card is made available.

Once you have the Hills Bank and Trust VisaOne Purchasing Card, managing the spending can be done online and by contacting a customer service representative.

If the purchasing card does not provide the type of credit card that you are looking for, Hills Bank also provides a Business Visa, a Commercial Visa and a Fleet Visa.

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