Hiway Federal Credit Union Business Visa Credit Card

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Hiway Federal Credit Union Business Visa Credit CardHiway Federal Credit Union business customers will find the Business Visa credit card a valuable financial tool that will not only help save money, but can also track expenses and manage costs. The card offers no annual fee, a competitive annual percentage rate, and the ability to transfer balances from other high interest business credit cards.

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While this is the only business credit card offered by Hiway Federal Credit Union, there are three different personal credit cards available to customers as well.

Hiway FCU Business Visa Credit Card Benefits and Details

Whether you operate a small business with just one employee, or manage a large corporation with hundreds of staff members carrying a business credit card, you still need to keep an eye on costs. The Hiway FCU Business Visa does not carry an annual fee no matter how many cards you have, and is a credit card with a low interest rate. Additionally, the interest rate for purchases and cash advances is the exact same.

Other benefits include the ability to manage your account online 24 hours a day, worldwide acceptance wherever a Visa credit card can be used, and the option to keep your monthly payment low during times when more cash flow is needed.

If you are in the market for a credit card for your business, makes sure you look at all the available options. The Better Business Bureau website is also a good resource for finding the right credit card. For more information, read the BBB’s article on “Choosing a credit card for your business.”

Managing Business Card Statements with the Hiway FCU Business Visa Credit Card

The Hiway FCU Business Visa provides monthly credit card statements in a format that is extremely helpful to businesses and business owners. First of all, the purchases and the cash advances are listed separately on the statement in order to provide more accurate record keeping.

Additionally, because you are able to put restrictions on individual credit lines for employees, you can easily track how much has been spent by whom, and can ensure that no one spends more than their personal limit.

Finally, the Hiway FCU Business Visa Card can also be used to make large purchases in place of a purchase order or writing a check. This can help ensure that the business is able to get supplies in a timely manner.

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