Hiway Federal Credit Union Visa Classic Credit Card

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Hiway Federal Credit Union Visa Classic Credit CardWhile Hiway Federal Credit Union offers several different credit cards with outstanding reward programs, you still might be searching for a simple, no frills credit card that offers no annual fee and a substantial credit line.

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If this is the case, take a closer look at the Hiway FCU Visa Classic Credit Card. While not as flashy as the CURewards Visa and the VIP Visa from Hiway FCU, the Visa Classic still gives you a fairly low annual percentage rate with a no annual fee credit card.

Hiway FCU Visa Classic Credit Card Annual Percentage Rate, Fees, and Details

The 14.99% interest rate for the Visa Classic credit card from Hiway Federal Credit Union is the highest of the three cards available, but is still relatively low compared to many other credit cards. In addition, because of the $0 annual fee, if you are able to pay your balance off in full each month you will not pay any money out-of-pocket to use the Visa Classic Card.

While there is no fee for charging your credit card over the credit limit┬áthat was assigned, Hiway FCU does charge you $25 if you are late with a payment and will also charge you $25 if a payment you submit is returned due to insufficient funds. If this happens more than once, you may also be subject to the credit card’s penalty rate, which can be as high as 29.99%.

While many cards like the Hiway Classic Visa offer decent annual percentage rates and low annual fees, many consumers are using their cards less and less. In fact, according to CNN Money’s “Credit card debt drops 11%”, credit card debt was reduced in 2011.

Other Banking Services Available from Hiway Federal Credit Union

In addition to four different credit cards, Hiway Federal Credit Union offers many basic banking products and services to customers, such as personal loans, checking accounts, financial investing, and more.

Based outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Hiway FCU has three branches and several dozen ATM locations.

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