Hollister Company Credit Card

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Hollister Company is a California retail store that does not have a Hollister Company credit card. This business carries a western theme for young people who enjoy beach comfort. This company is also responsible for Abercrombie and Fitch, abercrombie kids, and Gilly Hicks.

Hollister Company Credit Card

The patrons of this store are identified as Dudes and Bettys as opposed to girls and guys. The quality of their apparel is on the scale of other high-end casual wear. They accept all major card types such as your American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Many retail stores find gift cards easier to offer than debit credit cards or rewards credit cards that are so popular today. Young people that shop at Hollister Company may find secured credit cards to be a good way to build credit. It will also give you the responsibility of managing your first credit card.

Alternatives to the Hollister Company Credit Card

Research offers a list of the best credit cards offered today. This list includes the cards with the best rewards and bonuses and the lowest interest rates. Some of them are as follows:

  • Chase Freedom
  • Discover it
  • Capital One Venture
  • Citi Simplicity

These cards offer 0% annual percentage rates on your first purchases. Then the rate may increase to a rate between 11.9% and 19.9%.

What to do if Your Credit Card is Stolen

If your credit is stolen, your first move might be a call to the company that issued it to report it stolen. They will immediately cancel your card and issue a new one. Your last purchases will clear and any disputed purchases will be challenged.

Most banks will not hold you responsible for purchases you can prove were made after the theft.

How to Avoid a Credit Card Scam

Always sign your card as soon as you receive it, and do not carry it if you know you will not need it. You may want to shred all of your statements, and never give your number out over the phone. Try not to let your credit cards out of sight, even when you give it to your waiter at dinner.

Make sure you always take the time to find quality rewards card providers, and compare which providers work for you!

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