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Household Bank MasterCardHousehold Bank MasterCard is issued by HSBC Bank of Nevada. This card is good for those who may not make a huge income or someone who wants to rebuild their credit score. This card is offered in the secured or unsecured versions.

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The Household Bank MasterCard is also available in platinum, which has rewards credit cards options. It is considered a good card for managing your new credit line. The bank offers its cardholders tools to help you manage your account online.

This card entitles you to discounts for simply enrolling in the services available via the links provided. If you are looking for low interest credit cards that will start you out with a low limit, this one may be worth looking at. The average start limit is usually $1,000 depending on your credit.

Household Bank Features, Rates, and Fees

When you apply for a Household Bank MasterCard, you may receive instant approval or it may take up to two weeks. The entry-level interest rate is somewhere around 14.99% or it may be 19.99% if your credit is sketchy. There is a processing fee of up to $39, and an annual fee between $39 and $59.

When Your Household Bank MasterCard Rate Increases

When your Household Bank MasterCard rate increases, it is usually because you have not been paying your bills in a timely fashion. It does not matter if you have paid your credit card bill timely. If your credit score takes a dive, your APR may increase, and this is becoming a real issue among consumers. This is especially financially detrimental to those with secured credit cards.

What Happens When You Pay Your Household Bank MasterCard Minimum

Sometimes the minimum is not enough when making payments on your credit cards. You may end up paying twice as much for the item you purchased. When you consider the interest you will end up paying, it becomes harder to keep the balance low.

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