HSBC Bank Nevada Household Bank Rewards MasterCard

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HSBC Bank Nevada Household Bank Rewards MasterCardA rewards card can be nice to have, especially if the card offers a cash back rewards program such as that offered by HSBC Bank Nevada through their Household Bank Rewards MasterCard. This program offers you the ability to get cash back or to use the points you accrue to purchase items online.

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One of the things that HSBC Bank Nevada offers that isn’t very common is a pre-qualification feature. Without affecting your credit score, they are able to determine if you will qualify for one of their cards. The benefit is if you don’t pre-qualify, then you don’t have to apply, as being turned down can negatively affect your credit score.

Household Bank Rewards MasterCard Details

The Household Bank Rewards MasterCard has a 9-month 0% APR offer at the time this article was written; this only applies to purchases. The APR for this card is 19.90%, suggesting that this card is appropriate for people with less than perfect credit, although there is no suggestion that this is a bad credit credit card. There is a 29.49% penalty APR should you miss a payment.

The rewards program offers 2% cash back for every $1 spent using the card. You can redeem your rewards in points, if you choose by using two points for every $1 spent. 2500 points equate to $25 cash back or those points can be used for gift cards, merchandise and more.

The annual fee for this card is $35 but it is waived for the first year of use and applies starting the second year.

Household Bank Rewards MasterCard Acceptance

While the company does not say what you type of score you need to qualify for this card, it doesn’t have to be perfect. If, however, you don’t qualify for this card, HSBC will suggest other card options for you to consider. These could be bad credit credit cards or secured credit cards. These suggestions will be made during the pre-qualifying process.

Household Bank Rewards MasterCard Bottom Line

If you don’t have great credit, then this may be the right card for you. If, however, your credit is better than average, there are better low interest credit cards that you may want to consider.

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