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Following is the history, member benefits, and products offered by HSBC credit cards and the company that provides them. HSBC Bank prides itself on being the world’s local bank. By this they mean that they can give the local bank feeling while providing the backing of a financial giant.

Part of the services and benefits offered from HSBC are credit cards. If you are looking for a credit card, consider what HSBC has to offer and see if it meets your needs.

Read through this HSBC credit card review and then use the free credit card “chaser” tool to find and compare credit card offers from HSBC and many other top credit card issuers for free!

History Of HSBC

HSBC started out as an international trade company in 1865. Their experience in trading all over the world has helped them establish a reputation of reliability and excellent service. Furthermore, HSBC has worked hard to understand different markets, cultures, and what drives the financial market in other countries. Because of this, they have a presence all over the world.

HSBC has almost 10,000 offices in over 75 countries. In the United States, HSBC is one of the top ten financial service companies. Globally, the company has been named one of Forbes Global 2000 elite companies. Having this kind of backing around the world gives card members recognition, convenience, and the power to purchase virtually anywhere using a HSBC credit card. Be certain to look carefully at the history of any credit card provider you consider, as it is likely to have an impact on their financial strength.

HSBC Card Member Benefits

No matter which type of credit card you get through HSBC, there are card member benefits offered. First of all, you can manage your account online for quick and easy use. You can check your balance and make payments online as well as check your statements. HSBC also offers alerts by cell phone or e-mail. This alerts you to any activity on your account. Special offers are another benefit from HSBC. Everyday, HSBC offers customers discounts and savings on other products for home, auto, and family life.

When comparing the benefits of HSBC credit cards with those offered by other providers you find using the free chaser tool above, consider your goals. No one credit card or provider can fit the needs of everyone. As you browse the products mentioned below, consider how they do or don’t help you to meet these goals. Credit building, low interest rates and even charitable causes can be met with the right credit card.

HSBC Credit Card Products

HSBC offers five different credit cards each with their own features. To view up to date information then please use the credit card chaser tool to find and compare the latest credit card rates, rewards, and features from many different companies.

HSBC Weekend Card

The first card offered is the HSBC Weekend Card. It is called this because it offers 2% cash back on Saturday and Sunday and 1% cash back on weekdays. For those who doing most of their entertainment, family activities, and shopping on the weekend, this card is ideal. This card has no annual fee and has an interest rate as low as 8.99% depending on your eligibility. It can be as high as 17.99%. The default APR is 31.99%.

HSBC Platinum MasterCard
w/ Cash or Fly Rewards Card

The next card offered by HSBC is the HSBC Platinum MasterCard with Cash or Fly Rewards Card. With this card, you can turn your points into either cash back or fly rewards. For every dollar you spend, you get 1 point and there is no limit to what you can earn. Most major airlines accept the fly miles with no blackout dates. This card has a 0% Introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases for 12 months. After this period rates vary from 8.99% to 17.99% with a default rate of 31.99%.

HSBC Platinum MasterCard
w/ Cash Back Rewards

The third card offered by HSBC is the HSBC Platinum MasterCard with Cash Back Rewards. This card offers unlimited cash back. There are no limitations put on spending and no annual fee. You get 1% cash back on every purchase no matter where you make the purchase. For the first 12 months there is a 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers. After that, APR can be as low as Prime + 3.99%.

HSBC Platinum Visa Card
w/ Cash Back

The next card offered by HSBC is the HSBC Platinum Visa Card with Cash Back. This card gives 1% card back for every purchase with no limits. There are no expiration days or specific spending categories. There is no annual fee and card members have access to protection and discounts through Visa that change periodically. The APR on this card is variable and ranges from 7.99% to 17.99%.

HSBC Ecosmart MasterCard
w/ Plus Rewards

The last card offered by HSBC is the HSBC Ecosmart MasterCard with Plus Rewards. This card gives you 1 point for every dollar spent. Then you can donate your cash back earnings to charities that are environmentally friendly. Or, you can use your points for flights, hotels, gift cards, cash back, or eco-merchandise. This card also has a 0% APR for 12 months and then rates are variable up to 17.99% with a default rate of 31.99%

Compare HSBC Credit Card Offers

Whatever card you choose, it is important to manage your credit well. As you can see with the majority of these cards, the default interest APR is 31.99%. This means that if a payment is missed or the balance goes over the credit limit, the rate can automatically increase to this percentage.

This means that is will take you up to four times as long to pay off a debt than previously. Being responsible with your credit, paying on time, and not going over credit limits, can help you maintain a reasonable credit rate.

If you aren’t sure if an HSBC credit card is right for your credit needs, you can use the free credit card chaser on this page right now. You can see credit card features and rates from a variety of companies by using this tool. By doing that right now, you can reach your goals faster than ever!

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