HSBC ecosmart Credit Card

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HSBC ecosmart Credit CardThe HSBC ecosmart credit card offers a way to make a difference when it comes to the impact that you make on the environment. Whether you choose to recycle, make improvements to your home to save energy, buy a fuel-efficient car or something else, you can feel pleased in knowing that every little bit counts. Compare this with other reward credit card offers today!

If you have the HSBC ecosmart Credit Card, this is one way that you can make a difference every time you swipe your card. Not only is this a rewards credit card, but you can use your rewards points to purchase eco-friendly items or donate your points to your favorite eco-conscience organization.

The HSBC ecosmart credit card offers many different benefits to its users as this MasterCard provides all of the same benefits that you would expect from a MasterCard credit card.

HSBC ecosmart Credit Card Overview

The HSBC ecosmart Credit Card is an excellent credit credit card. In fact, the average credit score for people who qualify for this card is over 800. This means that this isn’t a card for everyone, especially with more people facing negative credit consequences because of missed or late payments due to the tough economy.

Because of the high FICO score required, the interest rate for this card starts at a very low 8.99% with the highest percent being 17.99%, which applies to the penalty fee. The penalty fee takes affect if you are late on your payment, you payment doesn’t clear or you go over your credit limit.

The HSBC ecosmart card provides one reward point for every $1 spent when using the card. The rewards points can only be used to purchase eco friendly products. You can also choose to donate your rewards points to eco friendly charities listed by HSBC.

HSBC ecosmart Credit Card Benefits

  • 8.99% interest rate
  • No annual fee
  • Eco friendly rewards program

HSBC ecosmart Credit Card Downside

This is a great credit card but there is one major downside; if you don’t already have this card, you can’t get is as HSBC isn’t offering it anymore. There are, however, many other options for you to consider whether you have excellent credit, bad credit or in-between credit. Retail credit cards or even bad credit credit cards may be what you need.

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