HSBC Premier Credit Card

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HSBC Premier Credit CardIf you have nearly perfect credit and you have plenty of money too, you can be rewarded for that. The HSBC Premier MasterCard is designed especially as an excellent credit credit card. Other than good credit, however, there is something else you need in order to qualify.

The HSBC Premier MasterCard is only available to the Premier customers at HSBC bank. In order to qualify as a Premier customer, you must open an account with $100,000 in it. What’s more, you cannot transfer that money from one HSBC account to another; it must be a brand new account with new money deposited.

Being a Premier customer at HSBC means that you get a bit of extra attention from HSBC. For example, if you lose your card, one will be sent overnight to you no matter where you are in the world. In addition, if your card is lost or stolen, they will provide you with $2000 cash via bank transfer to the nearest bank to you so you aren’t without money.

HSBC Premier Credit Card Overview

The interest rate for the HSBC card is 9.99% and it doesn’t change for any reason. This applies to cash advances, balance transfers, etc. There are also no other fees associated with the card. No foreign transfer fees, over-the-limit fees, balance transfer fees, annual fees and so on.

The rewards credit card program is very flexible allowing you to choose you own rewards program. You receive one point for every $1 spent and double points for the first 6 months after you receive the card. If you choose travel credit card rewards, there are no blackout dates, flight restrictions or seat restrictions.

You also receive full protection when you travel including luggage replacement, travel insurance, rental car insurance and more. Many hotels are automatically upgraded for free if you pay using your HSBC Premier MasterCard.

HSBC Premier Credit Card Benefits

  • Low annual APR
  • No annual fee
  • No fees for anything
  • Flexible rewards programs
  • Upgrades when you travel

HSBC Premier Credit Card Bottom Line

Although it is an excellent card, the bottom line is that most people don’t qualify for this card. Unless you have $100K and nearly perfect credit, this isn’t the card for you. To find the card that is for you, compare this with other reward credit card offers now!

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2 Cardholder Reviews for the “HSBC Premier Credit Card”

  1. Gerald Chui says:
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    If you think you are well protected with a HSBC Premier MasterCard, think again!

    I lost my card in Spain in June this year. When I called my HSBC customer service on the phone, I was assured that a new card would be sent to my hotel in Spain in THREE days. Over a week later, no card came to my hotel.

    When I returned to Canada, I asked the customer service to explain what happened. Every representative I had talked to told me a different story. One told me the new card was dispatched by a special courier. Another told me that that it was actually sent to my home address in Toronto and some one had signed for the delivery. After several calls, the special customer service in Montreal finally told me that the new card was prepared but NOT sent out. Can you believer that?

    The first agent I talked to on the phone in Spain understood my dire situation but no one cared to pay special attention to make sure that the new card is delivered.

    Don’t believe all the lies about how much they care about their cardholders.

    I wouldn’t even give it one star considering the absolutely horrid service.

    • W Chen says:
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      I second your view of this credit card. I am also a current Premier card holder. For some reason, there is a computer glitch/technical difficulty which results in that new reward points were not added to my card. I had been in touch with the Premier consultant regularly to get that fixed. I have been told that this is known problem, but the don’t know when that will be fixed. Seriously, it has been two months, and I am not even sure if this is even on the to-do list. I was even told they don’t plan to notify customers when it is finally resolved. If I choose to discontinue the relationship, they will, of course, confiscate all the reward points: take it or leave it–that is basically the message. What’s more, the Premier consultant stood me up twice for scheduled phone calls two days in a row. The service is really going down, and not worth maintaining such cash position with them.
      Anybody knows if there is a “customer service hot line” or the “Premier customer service?”

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