Humane Society of the US Credit Card

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Humane Society of the US Credit CardThe Humane Society of the US Visa Credit Card from Bank of America provides you with the opportunity to support this cause when you make purchases using the card. The Humane Society of the US (HSUS) has long been known for its compassion for animals. This non-profit organization strives to get better laws put into place for the protection of animals. Compare the benefits of this and other affinity reward credit card offers now!

This protection isn’t just about protecting pets against abuse. The Human Society also works to ensure that animals from farms to kennels are kept in a safe environment and are properly treated.

Millions of people around the world support the HSUS through regular donations but there is more that you can do if you support this cause.

Humane Society of the US Credit Card Details

The HSUS Credit Card is both a charity credit card for a cause and a rewards credit card. For every $100 you spend .25 cents will be donated to the HSUS. In addition, for every $1 you spend, you will receive one reward point to be used in a number of different ways through the WorldPoints website.

Currently, upon approval, you will receive a 0% introductory rate for all new purchases and transfers made in the first 90 days you have your optional balance transfer credit card. After 90 days your standard interest rate will apply to all of your new purchases.

The interest rates for this good credit credit card will range from 12.99% to 20.99% depending on your credit score. There is no penalty rate for this card so your rates won’t increase if you are late or miss a payment, although if this happens consistently your card will be cancelled.

Humane Society of the US Credit Card Benefits

  • 0% introductory rate
  • No annual fee
  • No penalty interest rate
  • Flexible rewards program
  • Points valid for 5 years
  • No pre set spending limit for card
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Online account management

Humane Society of the US Credit Card Bottom Line

There has been some controversy about this card and the HSUS, however, as cattle farmers are upset that they are lumped into the same category as poachers, puppy mills, fur traders and trophy hunters. However, if the HSUS is a cause you can get behind and you have good to excellent credit, then this is a great card for you.

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3 Cardholder Reviews for the “Humane Society of the US Credit Card”

  1. Nancy Ellen Locke says:
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    I would like to have a Humane Society Credit Card with my points going to help the different Humane Society causes. After looking over this website from head to tail… I was still in the dark about just how to order such a card. What did I miss??

    One reply only please. Do NOT send me ads and such junk mail.


  2. Brett says:
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    • 11111

    Much as I abhor Bank of America, here’s the link:

    I recently applied for a Sea Shepherd credit card, in part because I think it’s an excellent organization but especially because I appreciate their choice of a smaller bank for their credit card offer.

  3. nelsonpam says:
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    I have had a credit card with Bank of America for years just recently notified that they no longer as of March going to be doing the donation would like to have a card that does if you know of one that still does after March please notify me of same.

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