IberiaBank Visa Gold Cash Back Rewards Card

The IberiaBank Visa Gold Cash Back Rewards credit card is geared toward people who have an excellent credit rating. This is an attractive option for cardholders, since it offers them a low annual interest rate, a preferred rate on balance transfers and cash back on all purchases. This card also offers other rewards that customers are interested in when choosing a credit card.

To qualify for Iberia Bank Gold Cash Back Rewards credit card, the applicant must have been employed for a minimum of six months with his or her employer. Excellent credit means that there are no bankruptcies or collections noted on the applicant’s credit report. Current or past delinquencies noted on the applicant’s credit report mean that he or she likely doesn’t have the type of credit record necessary to be approved for this card.

The applicant may be asked to provide proof of identity when applying for the card. The Bank does require proof of the applicant’s employment status before opening the account. Along with verification of employment status, applicants are required to provide proof of income.

Low Annual Interest Rate

One of the attractive features offered to customers who choose the IberiaBank Visa Gold Cash Back Rewards credit card is a low Annual Percentage Rate (APR). With this credit card option, the rate of interest charged on purchases and cash advances varies with the Prime Rate. Depending on the applicant’s creditworthiness, they may be charged as little as Prime + 5 percent. The highest rate of interest charged with this card is Prime + 11 percent.

Customers who would like to transfer a balance from an existing card to their IberiaBank Visa Gold account get a preferred interest rate for six billing cycles after the transfer has been completed. Unlike other credit card options, where the balance transfer needs to take place when the new credit card account is opened, IberiaBank Visa Gold customers can take advantage of this offer within three months of the date the account was opened.

Cash Back on Purchases

The IberiaBank Visa Gold Cash Back Rewards credit card pays customers 1 percent cash back on certain purchases that meet the requirements. Cash back rewards are not limited. As long as the credit card account remains in good standing, there is no expiry date on eligibility for the cash back reward.

Other IberiaBank Visa Gold Cash Back Rewards Features

Along with the cash back and low APR, the IberiaBank Visa Gold Cash Back Rewards card gives customers a 25-day grace period on purchases. This means that no interest is charged until after that point. Paying for the item in full before the grace period expires means that the customer can avoid interest on it.

Customers who choose this card can get up-to-date account information online. They get the convenience of checking their account balance and finding out what purchases were charged to the account without having to wait for their monthly statement to come in.

The IberiaBank Visa Gold Cash Back Rewards card also provides account holders with up to $500,000 in travel accident coverage. This feature, along with the fact that no annual fee is charged to keep the account open, means that this is a card that offers customers a good mix of incentives and rewards.

While it’s not the right card for everyone, customers with an excellent credit rating can get the benefit of a low APR on their purchases. Since the APR is tied to the Prime Rate, it’s a good idea for customers holding this card to be aware of where that Rate is sitting. During times when the Prime Rate is low, they get the benefit of a preferred rate. If the Prime Rate starts to increase, more of their payment will be credited to interest on the account, as opposed to purchases.

Looking for the right credit card may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. A person with an excellent credit rating will have more options than a person with a poor one or who doesn’t have credit in his or her own name. No matter what your credit rating is, it’s important to compare rates and benefits before making a decision about which one is right for you.

The IberiaBank Visa Gold Cash Back Rewards card offers some attractive features to cardholders, but it’s not the only credit card option available to those with excellent credit. To apply for the Iberia Bank Visa Gold Cash Back credit card then simply click on the apply button at the top of this page. If you would like to check out other options, use our free tool to compare cards and find the best credit card for you!

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