IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union Brilliant Visa Credit Card

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IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union Brilliant Visa Credit CardThere are several different kinds of people in the world of credit. The credit scores rank people from very bad to perfect and, of course, everything in between. For those of you who rank in the higher echelon of these people, there is the IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union Brilliant Visa credit card.

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The Brilliant Visa credit card is definitely not for men and women who have had any recent credit problems. In fact, you really can’t have any bumps on your credit if you want to get approved for this card.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union Brilliant Visa Credit Card Overview

The name of this card is “Brilliant” and this is IH Mississippi Valley’s way of describing the type of credit that you will need to have to qualify for this credit card. What’s interesting is that, despite the fact that this card is clearly for people with excellent to perfect credit, this isn’t the hardest credit card to get from the credit union–that would be the aptly-named Genius card!

The IH MVCU’s Brilliant Visa is a rewards credit card that offers one point for every $1 that you spend. Points can be exchanged for merchandise, gift cards, travel, cash, and more. There is no cap on the amount of points that you can earn and the points don’t expire.

As with most of the credit cards offered by IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, this card offers extended warranty coverage as well as several insurance protections for you when you travel or rent a car.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union Brilliant Visa Credit Card Terms

This credit card offers two interest rate options that are based on your credit score. As an excellent credit score card, there is an APR of 11.9%. For those of you with perfect credit, the APR is 9.9%.

If you miss two consecutive payments, then a penalty APR of 14.9% will be applied to the card until you make six consecutive payments. The good news is that your APR will revert back to your original APR after these required payments.

The only penalty fees associated with this card are a late payment fee and a returned check fee. This is interesting because, according to the Federal Reserve’s Credit Card Rules, IH Mississippi Valley is able to charge much more in fees, but they choose not to take advantage of this.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union Brilliant Visa Credit Card Verdict

This is not one of the best rewards credit card programs that exist. One that would allow you to earn points faster would be nice. Regardless, with its great interest rates, this is a credit card you should consider.

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