I’m Too Young For This Cancer Foundation Credit Card

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I'm Too Young For This Cancer Foundation Credit CardCancer patients between the ages of 15 and 39 have a special advocacy group dedicated to their unique needs in the I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation. The Foundation has teamed up with CardPartner to issue an affinity credit card whose proceeds will go to help fund early detection programs and other services aimed at younger people living with cancer.

The Visa Platinum card is issued by UMB Financial Corporation, which will make a $50 donation to the Foundation with every new, activated account. A portion of the total net purchases made with the card will also go to the foundation.

Application for the card was handled at one time by an online service that specializes in secure credit card applications. Their link takes user to a page saying the online application is no longer available. There are no instructions for a receiving a paper application or applying by phone. Find other credit card offers here!

I’m Too Young For This Cancer Foundation Credit Card – Visa Platinum

As a Visa Platinum card, the I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation credit card enjoys all the standard benefits of Visa Platinum. The card opens with a $5,000 minimum credit limit and the Visa Platinum Rewards program. This program is a rewards credit card¬†points program that allows user to earn points at participating retailers. Point amounts vary, but some purchases at select retailers can earn as much as 15 points.

As with some travel credit cards and retail credit cards, points are redeemable for merchandise, travel needs, tickets to sporting and entertainment events, and gift cards. Management of customer accounts and points is taken care of through a secure, online account management tool.

I’m Too Young For This Cancer Foundation Credit Card – Rates and Fees

Rates and fees for this card are very comparable to most other Visa Platinum offerings. A six-month introductory rate of 0.0% applies to purchases and balance transfers. The standard APR is variable, but at the time rate information was last published it stood at 11.15%. There is no annual fee for this card.

Cash advances are charged at a variable 15.15% from day one, with a Transcaucasia fee of 3%. The fee minimum is $15 while the maximum is $50. Balance transfer fees apply after the six month introductory period expires, at a rate of 3% or $15 minimum. Compare this with other balance transfer credit card offers now!

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