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Indiana Fever Credit Card If you like women’s basketball, then you may be a fan of Indiana Fever. Although you cannot show your support for this professional basketball team with an Indiana Fever credit card, you can use almost any major credit card to buy tickets to watch a game. Get several online credit card offers now!

Indiana Fever is part of the WNBA, which is the women’s National Basketball Association. The WNBA was going to have a sports credit card offering through Discover Card, but it didn’t come to fruition. The NBA, however, offers a Platinum Visa for several different teams.

Even though you can’t get an Indiana Fever credit card to show your support, you can show it by using any other credit card or cash to pay for tickets to games or to buy merchandise that demonstrates you are a fan. Wearing team clothes to a game helps cheer on the team.

Indiana Fever Merchandise to Buy with a Credit Card

The WNBA store sells lots of merchandise that displays the Indiana Fever insignia. You can buy jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and custom apparel. Headwear and bags are also available.

You can decorate your home office with pennants, clocks, signs, and trash baskets that display the Indiana Fever logo. If you like collectibles, you can buy framed artwork for your walls.

With a credit card, you can place your order online and receive your merchandise within two days by selecting quick shipping. Just be sure to place your order before the big game.

Indiana Fever and WNBA Credit Cards

In 2006, Discover Card and the WNBA announced a new affinity credit card that would be offered to fans to show their support. However, there are currently no WNBA rewards credit cards on the market.

Initially, Indiana Fever credit card holders were to have access to the Discover Card Fan Lounge. The Discover Card Fan Lounge offers food, drinks, music, and prizes at various events, which would include WNBA games.

NBA Credit Cards Not Applicable to Indiana Fever

Since Indiana Fever is a women’s team, they are not officially part of the NBA. The NBA is the men’s National Basketball Association and the NBA does have credit cards to support the various teams on the league.

Fans of the NBA can get a Visa Platinum credit card to show their team support. Since you can’t get an Indiana Fever credit card, you can still show your support by cheering them on. Get online credit card rates now!

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