INTRUST Bank, N. A. American Angus Association Credit Card

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INTRUST Bank, N. A. American Angus Association Credit CardEvery time someone is approved and activated for the INTRUST Bank American Angus Association credit card, the bank will donate $100 to the association. The donation period will continue until June 30, 2012. If there are five hundred credit cards activated by this date, INTRUST Bank will donate $25,000 more to the Angus Association.

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While you can’t design your own credit card, there are three card designs that the new cardholder can choose from to show their pride for the Angus breed. More than just a great card design, the cardholder will also benefit from the card’s point rewards program and lower-than-average rates. To further understand how important low rates are to long-term financial success, check out financial maven Suze Orman’s website.

INTRUST Bank American Angus Association Credit Card Rates

This credit card has a very low rate of 9.99%. This rate is applied to purchases as well as balance transfers. The low interest rate for balance transfers makes this card a perfect option for someone that wants to make a significant balance transfer since most other credit cards have a much higher interest rate.

A credit card balance transfer is when a cardholder moves the balance from one credit card to another credit card with a lower interest rate as a way to save money each month on interest. Many credit card providers are now offering credit cards with special no interest periods for balance transfers, but most people do not consider how high their interest will be once the introductory period is over. It might be a better choice to choose a card with a constant low rate of interest, such as this INTRUST Bank American Angus Association credit card.

INTRUST Bank American Angus Association Credit Card Payment Options

There are four ways for a cardholder to make a credit card monthly payment on their INTRUST Bank card. The quick pay option allows the cardholder to make payments over the phone. There is also an online payment option and the cardholder can make payments online via their INTRUST account, and by mail.

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