INTRUST Bank, N. A. Kansas Farm Bureau Credit Card

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INTRUST Bank, N. A. Kansas Farm Bureau Credit CardThe Kansas Farm Bureau is an agricultural organization that was founded in 1919. This non-profit group acts as a support system for farming families. The Kansas Farm Bureau stays current with any changes that can affect farmers and is there to support them if they need help with anything from new farming techniques to legal issues.

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Farmers know how important it is to stick to a budget. One bad season can mean financial ruin for an entire farm. While a credit card could be a very useful tool for a farm just as for any other business, it should still be used responsibly. Visit Smart Money magazine’s website to learn more about the best ways to compare credit cards.

INTRUST Bank, N. A. Kansas Farm Bureau Credit Card Rates

The personal credit cards offered by the INTRUST Bank have annual percentage rates that are much lower than most credit cards on the market today, and this credit card is no different. A cardholder with a regular account will only be charged 9.99% each month in interest. This rate applies to both balance transfers and purchases. If the cardholder has a student credit card, they will have to pay a little more in interest at 14.99%.

Cardholders with either type of account will have to pay 19.89% for credit card cash advances. So, if the cardholder uses a credit card check, they will have to pay almost 20% in interest each month for the check amount until it is paid off. There is also a 22.99% penalty interest rate for this INTRUST Kansas Farm Bureau credit card.

INTRUST Bank, N. A. Kansas Farm Bureau Credit Card Fees

Like any other credit card this one has certain fees of which the cardholder should be mindful. If a credit card payment is late, or has a payment returned, they will be charged a $35 fee. In the case of foreign transactions, the cardholder should expect to pay a 3% fee.

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