INTRUST Bank, N. A. Society of Decorative Painters Credit Card

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INTRUST Bank, N. A. Society of Decorative Painters Credit CardThe Society of Decorative Painters was founded in 1972 as the National Society of Tole and Decorative Painters, Inc. This organization likes to promote excellence and diversity in this very unique type of art. The credit card offered by INTRUST Bank is a Platinum Visa with a beautiful design that reflects the beauty of the art form.

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INTRUST Bank, N. A. Society of Decorative Painters Credit Card Rates

A cardholder with this type of card will have to pay 9.99% in interest every month for balance transfers and purchases. For cash advances, the cardholder will pay a 19.89% annual percentage rate. If the cardholder is past due on their account for two billing cycles, a 22.99% penalty interest rate will be applied to their account.

A cardholder should always know their credit card penalty rate. Many people do not realize their card has a penalty annual percentage rate until it is too late and for many cards the penalty rate is permanent so there is no going back. Luckily, someone with an INTRUST Bank credit card has a chance to get their old rate back if they make six payments in a row on time.

INTRUST Bank, N. A. Society of Decorative Painters Credit Card Fees

While knowing the rates of a new credit card is very important, the cardholder should also know about the fees for that card as well. When most people get a new card they just kind of scan the fine print and then are surprised when they get their credit card billing statement and they are being charged for fees of which they were unaware. There is no annual fee for this credit card, but there are certain transaction and penalty fees.

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