INTRUST Bank, N.A. Washburn University Credit Card

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INTRUST Bank, N.A. Visa Washburn University Credit CardAs a supporter of Washburn University, you’ll want to consider the INTRUST Bank, N.A. Visa credit card. This credit card is the official WU credit card and features the school mascot on the front.

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In order to apply for the card, you don’t have to be a member of any team, the university alumni, or anything. If you want to have this credit card, you merely have to have the right credit score. In addition, you have to open an account with INTRUST Bank. You can do that with a free checking account that has no fee and no minimum balance.

INTRUST Bank, N.A. Washburn University Credit Card Benefits

When selecting the credit card you should get, you want to consider all of the benefits that the card has to offer. The Visa Washburn University credit card has limited benefits, but they are things you’ll want to consider regardless.

For example, this card is a rewards credit card. You can earn reward points anytime you make a purchase and you will get one point for every $1 spent. Points can be redeemed for merchandise, WU books and tuition, cash, travel, and more.

Another benefit offered by this card is identity theft insurance. If your identity is stolen, then Visa will give you $5,000 to pay for the costs associated with dealing with this issue. You do have to provide police reports in order to take advantage of this benefit.

Lastly, this credit card offers zero liability fraud protection, which is offered to all Visa cardholders. This protects you in the event that your card gets lost or stolen and is used by an unauthorized credit card user.

INTRUST Bank, N.A. Visa Washburn University Credit Card Considerations

One of the things that you’ll want to consider is the interest rate for this credit card. It is fairly low, starting at 9.9%. Students can also apply for a WU card with a starting rate of 14.99%.

Because this isn’t a credit union, INTRUST Bank charges every fee that’s available to them. However, they don’t charge excessive fees and they are compliant with the Federal Reserve rules, as well.

INTRUST Bank, N.A. Visa Washburn University Credit Card Verdict

This isn’t a bad card and, if you support WU, then you will appreciate the way the card looks as well. The rewards program is okay and the interest rates start low, which is nice.

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