Ipower Prepaid Credit Card

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Ipower Prepaid Credit CardThe Ipower credit card is offered by Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. Customers qualify for a card when they apply for an Assisted Refund (AR) or on approval for a Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) or Money Now Loan offered by the company.

Funds are loaded onto the card by the customer. He or she can use it anywhere that accepts credit cards and can be used to make purchases or pay bills. It carries a Visa logo and should be accepted in the same manner as any other Visa debit card. Compare this with other credit card offers now!

A customer who has an Ipower card can choose to have all or part of his or her pay check loaded onto the card automatically. Government benefits can also be loaded onto the card.

Ipower Prepaid Credit Card Features

The Ipower reward credit card can be used a multiple locations. Customers can arrange to pay bills or get cash using their card. A fee applies for cash withdrawals.

For security reasons, each customer is given a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that they must use to access their account. All customers are protected from unauthorized use or their Ipower prepaid credit card.

A monthly fee is charged to account holders and for transactions requiring a PIN. Fees are also charged for paying bills using the card, as well as over the counter cash withdrawals.

Ipower Prepaid Credit Card Benefits

The Ipower credit card is a convenient way for a customer to manage his or her funds. They can make purchases using this method and get cash back credit card bonuses from merchants offering this service if they wish.

If this card is lost or stolen, the cardholder should contact the customer service department. The existing card will be deactivated, and a new one will be issued immediately.

Ipower Prepaid Credit Card Helps Working People

This is a bad credit credit card option available for people who need to be able to access a credit card but who are unable to do so due to a bad credit history. Since the customer can only spend up to the amount loaded onto the card, there is no chance of incurring more debt using this option. Compare this with other credit card offers now!

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One Cardholder Review for the “Ipower Prepaid Credit Card”

  1. Joe R says:
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    Is this card still available with the Meta Bank issues that have been going on lately?

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