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J. Jill Credit CardIt is likely you will find a mature woman carrying a J. Jill credit card. This is a retail women’s store that caters to a woman’s casual side. They offer quality-clothing apparel that will suit your comfort needs. You will also find accessories such as shoes, boots, jewelry, belts, and other accents to complete the look.

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A J. Jill credit card makes it convenient to shop online using the store catalog and quick catalog purchases. This store stays connected to its customers using social media and email. You can sign up to win a $500 gift card whether you are a seasoned customer or new customer.

Customers who carry this card recently experienced a change from Citi Bank to World Financial Capital Bank. Customers still enjoy the same benefits and discounts you were entitled to before. The only thing customers have to do is register on the new account website as part of the agreement.

Features of the J. Jill Credit Card

J. Jill credit cards carry a 10% discount upon your first purchase as well as an additional 5% throughout your birth month. The store also features double discount days, which offer credit card carriers 10% off. If you place an order online or through the store catalog, you will receive free gift packaging.

J. Jill credit card holders will also receive invitations to special sales events and enjoy private sales and extended hours. The company will send you advanced notice of these discounts to your email. Although this is not like rewards credit cards, at the very least you will receive 5% off every online purchase.

J. Jill Credit Card Online Conveniences

You can take advantage of the store’s online conveniences such as making your J. Jill credit card payment online. You can track your orders in addition to communicate with customer service. Should you have to return any merchandise, you can receive confirmation of credits straight to your email.

Securing Your J. Jill Credit Card Online Account

When you register for the J. Jill MYaccount all that is required is your email address and a strong password. The company uses VeriSign to maintain your privacy and help you manage your account. You will also be the first to receive sales notices and offers by the company.

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