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Johns Hopkins University Credit CardAs a Johns Hopkins University (JHU) alumni, you might be interested in the Johns Hopkins University Credit Card and everything that it has to offer for people who attended the college.

JHU has been providing education for students since 1876. Johns Hopkins is considered a premier college by organizations everywhere. Graduates from Johns Hopkins, especially MD graduates, find that they are viewed in a different light than those that graduate from other colleges. Compare this with other credit card offers now!

This is, in large part, because JHU is a hands-on learning facility with a focus on research. It is expected that people who graduate from JHU have a better understanding of science and even the human body.

Whether or not it is true that graduating from Johns Hopkins University gives you an extra edge in your professional life, you should still take advantage of the perks offered to its graduates. In this case, it is the Johns Hopkins University MasterCard.

Johns Hopkins University Credit Card Overview

As mentioned above, the Johns Hopkins University Credit Card is only available to those individuals that graduated from Johns Hopkins University. In addition, the faculty at JHU are eligible to apply for this credit card.

Not a student credit card, the Johns Hopkins University MasterCard is a WorldPoint rewards credit card, which means that the rewards points you collect can be redeemed at that WorldPoint website for merchandise, travel accommodations, and more.

When you make a purchase using your Johns Hopkins University MasterCard, a donation will be made to the university. There is no indication on the MasterCard website or the JHU website as to how much will be donated to the school.

This is a good credit credit card that offers a 0% APR for the first 7 to 10 billing cycles and a 12.99% to 20.99% APR after the introductory rate expires. Your APR will depend on your credit score.

Johns Hopkins University Credit Card Benefits

  • Low APR with excellent credit
  • Flexible rewards program
  • No blackout dates for travel
  • No Penalty APR
  • Every purchase benefits JHU

Alternatives to the Johns Hopkins University Credit Card

Because only alumni and current faculty can actually apply for the JHU credit card, many of you will not be eligible for this card. Use our credit card chaser tool that will allow you to donate your rewards points to JHU or your favorite charity, (or yourself). Compare credit card offers now!

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