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Joslin Diabetes Center Credit Card If you are looking for a Joslin Diabetes Center Credit Card that allows you to support this worthy organization, you are going to be disappointed. Unfortunately, the JDC does not have a credit card sponsor at this time. You can still support the JDC by donating to the center using your credit card, PayPal or by sending a check.

You can also support the Joslin Diabetes Center by supporting their current sponsors, which you can find a list of on the JDC website. The JDC also conducts regular fund raisers that you can take a part in as well. Use the free tool to get other credit card offers now!

If you want to make sure that every purchase you make benefits diabetes research, then you are in luck, there is another options, which is the BMO MasterCard. Read on to learn about this charity credit card option for supporting diabetes research.

Your Alternative to the Joslin Diabetes Center Credit Card

The BMO MasterCard is a credit card that donates a portion of every dollar you spend to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Although the focus of the research done by the JDRF is on type 1 diabetes, a cure for type 1 diabetes will lead to a cure for type 2 diabetes; either of which is a worthy goal.

The BMO MasterCard is available with four alternatives, making it possible to make your decision about your credit card based on your specific needs.

The BMO MasterCard Options

BMO offers the Gold Air Miles card, No Fee Air Miles card, Premium Cash Back card and the No Fee Cash Back card. Each of these travel credit cards and cash back credit cards offer accelerated reward earnings when you make purchases from Shell, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car. In addition, all of these cards offer an interest rate of 12.9% if you agree to pay an additional $35 a year for your annual fees, otherwise the interest rate is 19.5%.

The Gold Card annual fee is $99 and the Premium Card annual fee is $49 ($135 and $84 respectively if you choose the 12.9% interest). The other two cards have no annual fee unless you choose the 12.9% interest rate.

BMO MasterCard Bottom Line

This is an excellent card for those that want to support diabetes research. This is not a bad credit credit card, and you must have good to excellent credit to qualify. For other options, try our free credit card chaser tool and find great credit card offers that fit your FICO score and your needs!

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