JSC FCU Visa Platinum Credit Card

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JSC FCU Visa Platinum Credit CardThe JSC Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card offers many benefits, including a low interest rate and no annual fee. Despite being part of a large credit union, the Visa Platinum Card is the only one offered by JSC. JSC FCU was founded in 1961 and offers many different banking products to its customers, from traditional checking and savings accounts to automobile loans and mortgages.

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JSC FCU has 15 branches located throughout Texas and, although there are only a dozen JSC FCU ATM locations, members can access their cash for free at more than 30,000 ATMs across the country.

JSC FCU Visa Platinum Credit Card Interest Rates

The JSC FCU Visa card offers a variable interest rate that fluctuates based on several factors, including, but not limited to, your overall creditworthiness, credit score, payment history, and overall credit card balances. In addition, the interest rate that you receive will also be based on the Prime rate, so as that rate increases, so will your rate.

JSC FCU Visa Platinum Credit Card Fees

There is no annual fee for the JSC FCU Visa, so if you pay off credit card debt off each month, you will not have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses. There is also no fee for taking cash advances, as well as no late payment or over-the-credit limit fees.

Additionally, while most credit cards will raise your interest rate to a much higher penalty rate if you miss a payment, the JSC FCU Visa Platinum will keep your rate the same even if you are late or miss a payment.

While you never want to be late with a payment if you can avoid it, this benefit from JSC FCU is a bonus since, according to a recent CNN Money article “Credit card late payments back on the rise”, late payments from consumers are increasing again.

JSC FCU Visa Platinum Credit Card Benefits

With the Visa Platinum credit card from JSC FCU, you can access your credit card account and credit card balance online, as well as pay your bill in a number of different ways, including over the phone and in a branch.

Finally, as a Visa cardholder, you are entitled to many additional benefits, including fraud protection, identity protection, car rental coverage, and insurance while traveling.

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