credit card chaser round up june 18Whether your goal is to get the most out of credit card rewards or start paying down debt, here are a few articles on credit and spending from across the web. Some discuss how to build credit using credit cards that can produce big savings while others focus on how to overcome the stress of bad credit.

There is a light-hearted mention for summer fashion interest as well as a counter-point for those looking to save on summer apparel. We’re thankful for these great credit and spending perspectives from all around the financial world in the month of June!

How Do You Know if You Have the Credit Score of a Homeless Ghost? at Studenomics.com

Although credit scores are an admittedly boring topic, you may want to know yours. Unless you plan on buying houses and cars purely with cash, your credit score won’t be so boring when trying to make your first big life-changing purchase. The percentage that a mortgage is adjusted by a good credit score can save you thousands over years of paying with less interest. Read on to see just how much this number can affect your financial possibilities and don’t let it remain unknown.

How I Lost $280 in Credit Card Rewards by Not Paying Attention at FreeMoneyFinance.com

Many people would be happy to make this amount in their total yearly rewards from a credit card, but in a few short months this credit card user actually lost this amount because of some red tape. Make sure to read the fine print whenever you sign up for a new credit card. If you happen to be using a card that you haven’t examined, then make sure to look it over before you keep spending and compare your options!

Are these Money Issues Sabotaging Your Relationship? at Moolanomy.com

Debt is listed as one of the biggest causes of stress in a relationship. There often tends to be depression when a person is caught in their own debt, but this can multiply for a couple when there is insecurity and a lack of trust between them. By creating a plan to pay off debt and use credit cards together, a couple can share the same goals and multiply their effort against debt.

Snooki Launches Her Own Line of Flip-Flops at Money.CNN.com

For those keeping style in their summer budget, check out the perfect blend of summer fun and celebrity branding… flip flops from Snooki. Yes, you were waiting for it. Are these flip flops a good buy? Well, they’re certainly good for the Jersey Shore celebrity and her coming baby’s financial situation based on the income from this line of footwear. To ease the stress from the passive vs earned income debates, take a minute to compare your income to this ridiculous celebrity source of income.

10 Things to Look for Every Time You Visit a Thrift Store at WiseBread.com

For those interested in a cost-efficient wardrobe, this article provides advice on scouring thrift stores. T-shirts, pants, and even accessories are a steal if you don’t mind gently used clothes. Some will find this as a way to make space on a budget and look great! Others may find the idea of recycled clothes hard to stomach, but they might enjoy looking for other items on this list such as furniture, books, and home decor. Whatever you decide as the best way to make use of your money, make sure you are prepared with the best credit cards available!

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