Justice Federal Credit Union Student Rewards Visa Credit Card

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Justice Federal Credit Union Student Rewards Visa Credit CardAs a college student, you most likely have not had enough time to build a strong credit history. While it is important to have a credit card to build your credit, it is just as vital to get a credit card that has fair and reasonable terms and is backed by a strong financial institution. The Justice Federal Credit Union Student Rewards Visa Card might just be that card, as long as you can get a qualified adult to co-sign the credit card application.

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Justice FCU offers several different credit cards and, although the student credit card has a higher interest rate than the other cards, over time you may be able to upgrade to a better card while staying with Justice FCU. Cardholders who make payments on time and establish a strong payment history can easily move up to a Visa Platinum or Visa Gold from Justice once they reach the age of 24.

Justice FCU Student Rewards Visa Credit Card Interest Rates and Fees

Unlike many traditional student credit cards, the Justice FCU Student Visa offers a special six-month introductory interest rate of 0%. This allows you to use the card and, as long as you pay off everything you have charged within the first six months and make your regularĀ credit card minimum payments, you will not pay any interest charges.

After the first six months, the interest rate increases to the regular, permanent rate of 16.99%. In addition, there is no annual credit card fee for the Student Rewards Visa Card from Justice FCU.

In fact, banks and credit unions are spending more and more money each year to try to get students to apply for and receive a credit card, according to a recent CNN Money article, “Banks spend big to sell credit cards to students.”

Justice FCU Student Rewards Visa Credit Card Rewards Program Details

The rewards program is fairly simple, as you can earn one point for each $1 you spend on eligible purchases with the Student Visa card. These points can be redeemed for a variety of awards, including gifts, merchandise, gift cards, travel vouchers, and more.

There is no need to sign up for the Rewards program. Once the card is open and active, you will automatically start earning points on purchases. However, if you take out a cash advance or transfer a balance, you do not earn any reward points.

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