Kansas City Royals Credit Card

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Kansas City Royals Credit CardThe Kansas City Royals credit card is offered as part of the Major League Baseball® Extra Bases® Credit Cards program from Bank of America. The offer is made to any and all MLB fans to get a Bank of America MasterCard with the logo of their favorite team, and a rewards program designed to encourage purchasing MLB and team merchandise. Compare other credit card offers today!

Like all the credit card offers in the program, the Kansas City Royals credit card features a white Royals home jersey and blue ball cap against a black background. The card also prominently displays the MLB, MasterCard, and Bank of America logos.

To apply, one need only visit the Bank of America credit card site and search for Major League Baseball. The online application process is quick, easy, and secure. If you are already a Bank of America customer with online access, you can use their express application for an even faster experience.

Kansas City Royals Credit Card – Rewards Program

The primary feature of this card is the point-based rewards credit card program designed to encourage card holders to purchase baseball memorabilia and support their favorite team. Every dollar in net retail purchases earns one point, with no limit on the number of points one can earn. Beginning at a level of 2,500 points, card holders can redeem them for team merchandise, MLB memorabilia, and even the opportunity to attend special player appearances and other events.

Kansas City Royals Credit Card – Other Benefits

As a MasterCard, the Kansas City Royals credit card is part of the World MasterCard program with provides such extra features as zero liberality fraud protection, 90-day purchase replacement for goods that are lost or stolen, travel accident insurance, automatic car rental insurance, 24-hour customer service and online account access, and MasterCard’s MyConcierge service.

Kansas City Royals Credit Card – Financial Details

This no annual fee MasterCard begins with a 0% introductory rate on balance transfers and retail purchases for the first 7 to 10 billing cycles, depending on credit worthiness. Upon expiration, the standard APR ranges from 12.99% to 20.99%. The cash advance rate is about average for the industry at 24.24%. Unlike most cards, the Kansas City Royals credit card has no penalty APR.

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