Kawasaki Good Times Credit Card

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Kawasaki Good Times Credit CardKawasaki Motor Corporation, makers of popular motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, and other sport vehicles, offers an in-house credit card specifically to help finance the purchase of their vehicles. It can be used on other merchandise, such as helmets and jackets, but only at authorized Kawasaki dealers. The card is issued and administered by HSBC.

Various internet reviews mention application can be made online at Kawasaki’s website. But, as recently as October 2010, the site has no application link. Instead, customers are directed to apply at a local Kawasaki dealer. Compare other credit card offers now!

Although the retail credit card is an in-house card only, meaning you can’t use it anywhere else, the most attractive feature is that it allows card holders to purchase new Kawasaki equipment without any down payment. Consumers can also request certain extras like credit insurance and equipment protection plans at the time of application.

Kawasaki Good Times Credit Card Terms and Conditions

New accounts begin with an interest rate of 5.99% extending for 24 months, provided that no payments are made late. During that same period, purchases can also be made with no down payment, and a low monthly minimum payment of just $49.

After 24 months, provided the account is still in good standing, the APR rises to 9.99%. Minimum monthly payments rise to $59 for new purchases up to $10,000 and $99 for those as high as $20,000. If no new purchases are made, a minimum monthly payment of $15 or 2.5%, whichever is greater, is assessed for outstanding balances.

A single late payment cancels the low interest and minimums, and triggers an APR of 17.8%. If an account is not kept current or updated for a period of time it is increased to 21.8%. If this high rate is assessed, it is charged across the board on new purchases and the remaining balance.

Kawasaki Good Times Credit Card Consumer Complaints

Though Kawasaki has never been accused of unfair business practices, there are many complaints alleging their terms and conditions are too confusing. There are also a number of issues regarding account access and customizer service that can be shaky at times. Consumers are encouraged to make sure they have a full understanding of the Kawasaki Good Times credit program before applying. Compare this with other online credit card offers now!

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    Not bad, hadtoo have a cosigner but got my bike. Was able to get all.net gear with it too

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