Keesler Federal Credit Union MasterCard Credit Card

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Keesler Federal Credit Union MasterCard Credit CardThe Keesler Federal Credit Union MasterCard has a standard low interest rate of 8.9% and cardholders pay no yearly maintenance fees. You will need to live or have business ties to the Jacksonville, Mississippi area and deposit at least $5 in order to become a member of the Keesler Federal Credit Union. All credit union members can apply for the Keesler FCU MasterCard.

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As an active member of the Mississippi Credit Union Association, Keesler FCU members can open shared bank accounts and request additional lines of credit while enjoying the benefits of having their deposits insured by the FDIC.The Keesler Federal Credit Union MasterCard is one of four different credit cards that the credit union lists in its portfolio.Statement balances, pending charges, and credits can be viewed online at the Keesler FCU member login home page.

Keesler FCU MasterCard Credit Card Fees and Interest

Information on over-the-limit fees, late charges, credit card penalty rates, and other applicable penalties is not available publicly–only to members of Keesler FCU who apply for a credit card. There are currently no promotional offers or introductory interest rates.

Keesler Federal Credit Union MasterCard cardholders pay 8.9% variable interest on all charges, including cash advances from the credit card and balance transfers. Some Keesler FCU MasterCard credit card accountholders may have a slightly higher interest rate, especially if they do not have an established credit history.

Keesler FCU MasterCard Credit Card Options

The Keesler FCU MasterCard can be ordered to spec and customer can choose from the five available background images.

At least $750 in credit will be given to qualifying Keesler FCU MasterCard applicants.

The line of credit on this unsecured credit card may also go as high as $25,000.

A free travel insurance policy also comes courtesy of the Keesler Federal Credit Union MasterCard. Although some restrictions will apply, cardholders will be able to make claims on their traveler insurance through Keesler FCU provided that they meet all coverage requirements. Cardholders can also order additional credit cards for any authorized user that they want to put onto their accounts.

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