Keesler Federal Credit Union Student MasterCard Credit Card

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Keesler Federal Credit Union Student MasterCard Credit CardStudent credit cards may traditionally have low interest rates, but that hasn’t stopped many young adults from becoming overwhelmed with debt. The Keesler Federal Credit Union MasterCard credit card comes with a reasonable APR and many other prerequisites that help to encourage smart spending. The FDIC’s Consumer Response Center┬áhas even taken notice of the problem and has published several articles on student credit card debt in response to it, including the “Credit Card Savvy Students Handout.”

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One key factor with the Keesler FCU Student MasterCard is that parents or guardians must be a credit card joint account holder or co-signer for any applicant that is approved. This alone will help young credit cardholders to avoid defaulting on credit card payments and damaging their credit scores. The relatively low credit line amounts also keep new accountholders from taking on too much debt too quickly.

Keesler FCU Student MasterCard Credit Card Perks

These student credit cards require two co-applicants, but each authorized user may request their own unique credit card design. The APR is 8.9% for applicants with the best credit scores, but it can also be significantly higher for others.

Up to $5,000 in credit is available to Keesler Federal Credit Union Student MasterCard credit cardholders.

Both co-signers are held liable for credit card charges and interest. Once a credit card account has remained active and in good standing for a period of time, Keesler Federal Credit Union may voluntarily offer to graduate the accountholder to a more exclusive credit card.

Keesler FCU Student MasterCard Credit Card Restrictions

In order to help students and young adults better manage their finances, Keesler FCU also gives them the ability to check their accounts on the Internet. All authorized users can make their own login credentials and review their credit card balances at any time.

Keesler FCU Student MasterCard credit card users are not able to earn rewards points and there are currently no introductory promotional offers. Although the exact amount of money that Keesler FCU charges in fees is not known, any credit cardholder can experience account closure or restrictions if the payment schedule is not met.

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