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Kenneth Cole Credit CardIf there were such thing as a Kenneth Cole credit card, perhaps it would be a low-interest credit card that carries a low balance. This card would be for Kenneth Cole purchases only, and would have its own restrictions. You could enhance your shoe wardrobe with one of these credit cards.

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Kenneth Cole is a Brooklyn shoe designer who used his creativity when he could not afford to showcase his line with the more affluent designers during Market Week in New York. This took place in the 1980ss and his business went public in 1994. Today, you can find his shoe fashions and accessories in many department stores in America.

When you decide to pull out your plastic, you must determine whether this is a purchase, you can pay off within 30 days. Too often, we are so quick to flip out the plastic only to select the credit cards as the bill to skip at the end of the month when things are tight. See tips on how to use your credit cards responsibly at If you pay your bill within 25 days of the end of the billing cycle, in most cases you can avoid paying interest.

How to Apply for Your Kenneth Cole Credit Card

To apply for any major credit card you would simply fill in the requested information to include your social security number. The bank who services the credit card would want to see an acceptable credit score of approximately 620 and above. Many of them offer instant approval credit cards.

Understanding Fees Associated with Your Credit Card

Credit cards may come with an annual percentage rate of around 12% depending on your credit, the bank, and the card for which you are applying. Some may have an introductory 0% APR. There may be an annual fee for possessing your credit card. Other fees are associated with balance transfers and late fees. Learn about credit card fees at

Credit Card Protection

When using your credit cards, whether an airline credit card or any other credit card, it is a good idea to sign it before you leave home. It is not a good idea to give your credit card number over the phone. Lastly, keep your eye on your credit cards at all times.

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