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KingSize Credit Card Big and tall men shop at KingSize, and when you shop there you can use your KingSize credit card. The KingSize credit card comes with benefits that make their shoppers feel like a king.

KingSize actually began over 50 years ago, selling men’s footwear in extra large sizes. They eventually branched out to clothing for the big and tall man. Compare this with other credit card offers now!

With clothing from business wear and sportswear to casual wear and sleepwear, KingSize has the style you want. You get a 100% guarantee and 24/7 customer service. Shopping at KingSize is easy, especially with one of their two credit cards.

The KingSize Credit Card Benefits

By using a KingSize credit card, you receive various savings that can total up to $100 every year. You automatically get a 20% coupon as well as special offers for your birthday and anniversary.

As a KingSize credit card holder you receive exclusive previews of new merchandise. To receive additional benefits, you can apply for the Gold level credit card when you spend $250 or more.

The Gold Card KingSize Credit Card Benefits

Cardholders receive additional money saving offers when they use their Gold rewards credit card to shop at KingSize. Annual savings average $200, which is double what you receive with the KingSize credit card.

Your automatic coupon earns you a 35% discount in addition to receiving other exclusive offers throughout the year. Just like the KingSize credit card, you have online access for account management.

KingSize Credit Card Account Management

Through your online credit card account management system, you can request electronic statements and pay your bill online. You can also easily manage your account settings, such as your address and phone number.

Check your statements, look at your recent payment history, review transactions, and get your balance at your convenience. You may even request an increase in your credit limit or ask to add authorized buyers to your KingSize credit card.

If you are a minimum 225 pound male who is at least 6’2” tall, then shopping at KingSize may be a worthwhile adventure. Use your KingSize retail credit card to save even more money on your purchases through various coupon and discount offerings. Compare other online credit card offers now!

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