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Kirkland’s Credit Card With 29 locations nationwide, Kirkland’s home décor and gift stores are available for walk-in assistance. They also have an online store and you can use your Kirkland credit card either online or at the point of sale.

Founded in 1966 in Jackson, Tennessee, Kirkland’s has grown to over 294 stores. They pride themselves on having unique décor for personal use as well as for gift giving. Compare online credit card offers to this one now!

Interior decorators can take advantage of the Designer Advantage and become a member to earn exclusive discount for their clients. Whether you’re a designer or a consumer, you can apply for a Kirkland’s credit card and receiving additional savings.

Main Features of a Kirkland’s Credit Card

There are various features and benefits that are part of being a Kirkland’s credit card cardholder. Customer Appreciation Day is held every month, and for your first purchase on that day with your Kirkland’s credit card you’ll receive 10% off.

Throughout the year you will receive coupons and other discount offers just for being a cardholder. Furthermore, every time you spend $150 on your credit card, you’ll get a $10 back to be used in the store or online.

Designer Advantage Credit Card from Kirkland’s

The Designer Advantage is not a retail credit card from Kirkland’s. The Designer Advantage is intended to provide designers with an incentive to shop with Kirkland’s.

Kirkland’s has a variety of merchandise ranging from candles and lamps to frames and furniture. They also have wall art, textiles, and gifts. Interior designers enrolled with the Designer Advantage enjoy a 10% discount when shopping at Kirkland’s.

Using your Credit Card at Kirkland’s

Whether you are buying an $80 Parson’s chair or a $550 vanity sink, you can pay for your selections with your Kirkland’s credit card. You can even use it on great money saving deals, such as saving $50 for a limited time only.

Shopping for other people can be fun, too. Choose an Air Hockey game table or monogrammed wine glasses next time you are looking for a unique gift idea. Monogrammed sun catchers are inexpensive and make great teacher gifts or family giveaways.

No matter what you are looking to buy, Kirkland’s has unique home items that may just be what you are seeking. Use your Kirkland’s credit card to save money and bring your décor home today. See how other reward credit cards match up by comparing credit card offers today!

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