Kroger Credit Card

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Kroger is a grocery store retailer with chains located nationwide under multiple supermarket names. The Kroger retail credit card is accepted at all of their stores, including multi department stores and jewelry stores.

If you don’t recognize the Kroger name, then you may recognize some of their affiliations. Supermarkets are branded as: Baker’s, City Market, Dillions, Fry’s, Gerbes, Hilander, JayC, King Soopers, Kroger, Kroger Fresh Fare, Owen’s, Pay Less Pure Markets, QFC, Ralphs, Scott’s, and Smith’s.

Other known names are Food 4 Less, Foods Co, and Fred Meyer. Convenience stores are Turkey Hill, Kwik Shop, Loaf N’ Jug, Quick Stop, Tom Thumb, and Smith’s Express. Jewelry stores are listed under the names Barclay, Fox’s, Fred Meyer, and Littman Jewelers. Compare Kroger credit card with other retail credit card offers now!

Credit Cards and More with Kroger Personal Finance

In addition to supermarkets and other retail endeavors, Kroger offers personal finance services. They have credit cards, pet insurance, identity theft protection, and credit monitoring.

You can also buy prepaid credit cards and gift cards through Kroger. Money services include Western Union money orders and money transfers as well as the Coinstar Center coin counting machines.

The Kroger Rewards Credit Card

Earn rewards with the 1-2-3 MasterCard from Kroger whether you shop at a Kroger retailer or elsewhere. The more you use your card at a Kroger store, the faster you will accumulate points.

When you use your Kroger credit card anywhere but at a Kroger center, you earn one point for every dollar you spend. Using your card within a Kroger center earns you two points for every dollar. Buying Kroger brands gives you the biggest reward, earning you three points for every dollar.

For every 1,000 points you earn, you receive $5 worth of free groceries. Your rewards are sent automatically once a quarter so all you have to do is shop and save.

Types of Kroger Credit Cards Available

You can choose from six different types of Kroger credit cards for which to apply. All of them are 1-2-3 MasterCards with the same rewards options and can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Cards that are available are Kroger, Smith’s, Fry’s, and QFC. The other choices are combination cards from King Soopers/City Market and Dillon’s/Baker’s.

Since the Kroger credit card is such a flexible rewards card with no annual fee, using it for all of your purchases is a fast way to earn free groceries. Compare credit card offers now!

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One Cardholder Review for the “Kroger Credit Card”

  1. Kerri says:
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    I used a Temporary prepaid debit card 8 months ago to pay a fairly large bill (almost $500). Then I ordered a permanent card. Since ordering the permanent card, I had an issue with the merchant I had paid with the temporary card and needed a print-out to prove I had paid it.

    Guess what? Kroger Personal Finance is not able to print out this statement and send it to me, and believe I’ve tried numerous times and ways to get them to go around this. I cannot believe a financial company, can’t give a customer a statement from less than a year ago.

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