Lake Michigan Credit Union Visa Gold Credit Card

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Lake Michigan Credit Union Visa Gold Credit CardThe Lake Michigan Credit Union offers two credit cards, but they don’t offer a Visa Gold credit card. Gold credit cards are often considered to be prestigious credit cards; however, with more and more companies offering gold cards for people with bad credit, they don’t have the same reputation that they once did.

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If you’re in the market for a gold credit card from Visa or MasterCard, you can use the J.D. Power “2011 Credit Card Satisfaction Study” to compare credit card companies. You can use this site to compare credit cards from the highest rated companies!

Lake Michigan Credit Union Visa Gold Credit Card Options

There are a lot of Gold Visa credit cards from a variety of companies that you can consider. In addition, you also have the option of Gold Discover credit cards and MasterCards as well. In fact, most credit card companies offer more than one Gold card from which you can choose.

Choosing the best credit card will require you to consider what you are looking for from your credit card. Some things to consider are whether you want:

  • A rewards credit card
  • A low interest rate
  • No annual fee
  • A fixed rate or variable rate
  • A card for bad, good, or perfect credit
  • Low or no fee credit cards

In most cases, you will find that your different options will only include a couple of these choices rather than all of them. For example, a great rewards card usually doesn’t have a low interest rate or it has an annual fee. A card with a very low interest rate usually has higher fees, although they will still have to comply with the credit card rules according to the Federal Reserve.

Lake Michigan Credit Union Visa Gold Credit Card Benefits

If you get a true gold card, which means a card designed to be a prestigious credit card, then you’ll find that there are a variety of benefits, although often a low interest rate isn’t one of those benefits.

Common benefits include concierge service, special bookings to events or restaurants, private jet access, and more.

The more common gold card has benefits more in line with what you will find with any credit card, such as earning rewards points for cash, gift cards, merchandise, and more. What’s more, if you have great credit, then you can get a low interest rate as well.

Lake Michigan Credit Union Visa Gold Credit Card Verdict

While you can’t get a Visa Gold credit card from Lake Michigan CU, there are plenty of other gold card options. With exceptional benefits for prestigious cards, which can include high lines of credit, it might be worth looking into. If you have good to bad credit, you might find a less prestigious gold card from which you can choose.

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