Langley Federal Credit Union Business Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

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Langley Federal Credit Union Business Visa Platinum Rewards Credit CardIf you are a business owner, you probably understand the importance of having a business credit card such as the Langley Federal Credit Union Business Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card. This particular card is only available for members of the credit union.

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Having a business credit card makes it easy and convenient for taxes and budgets because it keeps your business expenses in a separate place from your personal purchases. The Business Visa Platinum Rewards card from Langley FCU offers other benefits as well.

Langley FCU Business Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card Features

Along with keeping track of the expenses for your business, a Visa Platinum from Langley FCU makes it easy to keep an eye on spending through your credit card balance online.

It also has other features and benefits. If you have employees, you can set a credit limit for each one and keep close track of their transactions. The business Visa Platinum is also a credit card that builds rewards. With each purchase, you build up points to use for certain merchandise and travel.

Langley Federal Credit Union Membership Details

In order for you to apply for the Business Visa Platinum Rewards credit card from Langley FCU, you need to be a member of the credit union. Besides having access to a number of credit cards and other loans, credit union membership has many other benefits which can be read about through the National Credit Union Association.

Langley Federal Credit Union is located throughout Virginia, specifically Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, and Hampton. If you work, live, attend school, or worship in any of these areas, you are eligible to apply for membership. You can also be sponsored if a family member is a part of the credit union.

There are certain organizations and employers that offer membership to Langley FCU as one of their benefits. Check with your employer to see if membership is available that way. To apply, you can go in to one of your local branches or online through Langley’s website.

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