Langley Federal Credit Union Starter Visa Credit Card

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Langley Federal Credit Union Starter Visa Credit CardSomeone that is just starting out their adult life is not going to have a credit score or annual income high enough to qualify for the more sought-after rewards credit cards. Even if they could qualify for these cards, their interest rates would be so high the card would just not be a good deal. It is best for these people to start with a card like the Langley Federal Credit Union Starter Visa credit card, which offers lower rates and lower credit limits as a way to build their credit score responsibly.

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By having a credit card with a lower credit limit at this point in their life, a young cardholder can also prevent acquiring too much debt too soon. Many young people, especially college students, can begin to look at credit cards as a source of free money and build up a lot of debt in a very short amount of time. The LiveStrong Foundation has resources and articles like “How to Handle Credit Cards” that will help new credit card users.

Langley Federal Credit Union Starter Visa Credit Card Rates

Currently this Starter Visa card from Langley FCU is a no annual fee credit card. There is an annual percentage rate of 10% for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. This is a very low interest rate, which makes it a great choice for someone that is starting out in their career and has to keep an eye on their budget.

Since the interest rate is lower than average, this card would be a good choice for someone that has a balance on another card with a higher rate of interest.

By making a balance transfer, the cardholder could potentially save a lot of money every month in interest payments alone. By applying the amount of money saved to the outstanding balance they could pay off the credit card debt faster.

Langley Federal Credit Union Starter Visa Credit Card Perks

While a Langley Federal Credit Union Starter Visa credit cardholder can’t design their own credit card, the cardholder can choose from three different designs for their card. There is a credit limit of up to $2,000 for this card.

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