Lansing Automakers Federal Credit Union Platinum Rewards Credit Card

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Lansing Automakers Federal Credit Union Platinum Rewards Credit CardBeing a part of the Lansing credit union allows you to apply for the Lansing Automakers Federal Credit Union Platinum Rewards Credit Card. This is a credit card for individuals with good to great credit because of its higher credit limit, lower interest rate, and rewards program.

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This card is beneficial for those who make quite a few purchases on their credit card. Doing so will speed up the time it takes to build up enough reward points for prizes.

Lansing FCU Platinum Rewards Credit Card Terms

For those with the Platinum Rewards Visa, there is a minimum $5,000 credit limit. This high limit credit card is for individuals with better credit scores.

Although some credit cards will charge a fee if you go over your credit limit, with the Platinum Visa your purchase will just not be authorized and you won’t be able to complete it.

As far as interest rates are concerned, the Platinum Rewards card has a 12.9% APR for purchases, which is lower than the other two Visa cards offered by this credit union. The interest rate is 15% for both balance transfers and cash advances. The interest begins adding up right away with cash advances and balance transfers, but you have 25 days to pay for purchases before interest starts kicking in.

There is no annual fee for the Platinum card, but there is a NSF fee of $20. There is also a fee for paying your bill late. If your balance is $500 or less, the late fee is $15, and for a balance of $500 and more, the fee is $35.

For more information about credit card terms read the Federal Reserve’s Consumer Guide for credit card users.

Lansing FCU Platinum Rewards Credit Card Rewards Program

The Lansing FCU Platinum Visa is a rewards credit card. Rewards credit cards work by giving you bonus points every time you use the card.

Once you have accrued enough points, you can begin to cash them in for rewards of your choosing. This may include merchandise from particular retailers, travel such as airfare or hotel, or gift cards to certain stores.

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