LBS Financial Credit Union Visa Classic Credit Card

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LBS Financial Credit Union Visa Classic Credit CardLBS Financial Credit Union Visa Classic is a fixed rate credit card with no rewards program attached to it. However, there are many other benefits to this card.

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LBS Financial Credit Union, or LBS FCU, offers the Visa Classic for a fixed 14.9%. There is no annual fee or minimum finance charge. The grace period for purchases is 25 days, during which time you won’t pay interest.

LBS Financial Credit Union Information

LBS Financial Credit Union is headquartered in Long Beach, California. Membership is open to inhabitants of Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino counties, as well as many California cities. Many area school districts and universities are affiliated with LBS FCU. Their faculty, staff, and retirees may also apply. See LBS FCU’s website for a full eligibility list.

LBS FCU Visa Classic Credit Card Benefits

The LBS FCU Visa Classic is not a cash back credit card, nor is there a rewards program associated with this card. However, this credit card still has many benefits.

You can sign up for credit card overdraft protection with any LBS FCU checking account to avoid fees. You’re also covered by Visa’s Zero Liability promise. Sign up for the free Verified by Visa program. This will require a password before your card can be used to buy anything online, making Internet purchases much safer.

There are also some travel perks.

When you use your Visa Classic to buy airfare or hotel stays, you’ll receive up to $250,000 travel accident insurance at no additional cost.

Reserve your rental cars with the LBS FCU, and you get a free auto rental collision damage waiver. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners issued a news release on Car Rentals that reported that up to a third of car renters buy rental insurance they don’t need. The NAIC suggests calling your credit card company before travelling to make certain you know what they cover. This can save you money at the rental counter.

To apply for the LBS FCU Visa Classic credit card, you must first become a member of the LBS Financial Credit Union. This requires just a $5 deposit into a savings account. Then you can apply online, at any LBS FCU location, or over the phone.

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