LBS Financial Credit Union Visa Gold Credit Card

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LBS Financial Credit Union Visa Gold Credit CardThe LBS Financial Credit Union Visa Gold credit card is a variable rate card. It is offered only to members of LBS Financial Credit Union.

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The LBS Financial Credit Union is located in Long Beach, California, and services residents of several southern California counties. Family members of LBSFCU members are also eligible. Joining only requires meeting the residency requirement and opening a savings account with at least $5 in it.

LBSFCU Visa Gold Credit Card Protection

Since this Gold credit card from LBS Financial Credit Union is part of the Visa network, the card is accepted by millions of merchants all over the world.

You’ll also get the best protection Visa can offer with two different programs, neither of which will cost you a penny.

The Verified by Visa protects you from fraudulent charges online. When you register your card with the program, you’ll establish a password. This password must be entered whenever and wherever you use your credit cards online. If someone steals your card or number, they won’t be able to use it online without the password.

Your account will also be protected by Visa’s Zero Liability promise. You’ll never have to pay for fraudulent charges made with your LBSFCU Visa Gold. As Jason Alderman, senior director at Visa, Inc. writes in the Huffington Post’s article on “Credit Card Stolen? Here’s What You Do”, it’s important to understand your card’s exact policies regarding their liability promises. Report any credit card theft promptly and there shouldn’t be any problem with the credit card company holding you responsible for any fraudulent charges.

As the holder of a Gold credit card, you’ll also receive addition protection when you travel. Book your travel on your Visa Gold card and you’ll get up to $400,000 travel accident insurance, as well as free auto rental insurance. Visa Gold cardholders also receive $7,500 credit life insurance for free.

LBSFCU Visa Gold Credit Card Account Information

Not only does this Visa Gold offer competitive rates, but it also has no annual fee. The 25-day grace period means you’ll never have to pay interest charges if you pay off credit card debt in full every month. Plus, you’ll be enrolled in a rewards program. Earn a point for every purchase dollar and redeem the points for a reward of your choice. You can also set up automatic payments from your LBSFCU account.

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